Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Key words�

Honesty- this is the basic moral character that any social person should possess. Zhongli Zinc Industry attaches great importance to the requirement of employees in terms of enterprise loyalty and pays attention to the starting point of employees’ handling of personal and enterprise interests as the primary criterion for talent selection and training. Whether a person's honesty can truly reflect his attitude towards others and his personality, which directly affects the mutual trust and cohesion in the process of teamwork. Under the background of enterprise culture in which the cultivation of internal cooperation spirit is paid more and more attention to, honesty is also the basic moral requirement of any employee of the enterprise.

Diligence- hardworking people can always grasp the ways and opportunities for success. Natural talent is important, but the acquired efforts are the only way to become a good talent, and the opportunities of Zhongli Zinc Industry will always be reserved for the diligent and upward employees. Zhongli Zinc Industry always needs a group of hard-working and progressive talents to promote the sustainable development of our enterprise in a complex market environment. Zhongli Zinc Industry needs a group of employees who can be consciously diligent and perfect to promote the enterprise's own transformation and progress.

Pragmatism- the standard of talent is to have both virtue and ability, which is indispensable. If the virtue and ability are owned, they will be better. If the virtue and ability are separated, they will be worse. Zhongli Zinc Industry advocates the measurement of individual comprehensive quality and emphasizes the down-to-earth practical spirit. When our company introduces the talents, theyare needed to give full play to their specialties and advantages in the field of specialty and have the ability to solve the difficult problems, break through the difficulties and innovate to develop. They can help the enterprise to complete overall improvement in the links and aspects from a point of view.